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Bududa District suffers from disastrous floods and landslides due to geography, land-use practices and heavy rainfall. Trio Uganda works with Busiliwa Faith Junior School to improve the lives of over forty children orphaned by recent disasters. We also wish to assist Pathways Development Initiative in Bududa but need to have more regular contact with them before committing our very limited resources.


Trio Uganda is working with Busiliwa School and Women of Hope to develop small-scale agriculture for those who lost their land and crops in recent landslides.  The initiative is also developing a school farm to increase food security.


Trio Uganda has been introduced to Agaria village in Kumi District by Samuel Okwii, our Uganda field officer. We assisted when the village cassava crop was destroyed. We do not yet have adequate resources to help with the community's plans but they are not forgotten.


A long-term goal of our partner YCV is to develop outreach projects in the semi-arid Napak District of Karamoja to reduce the rural-urban migration of Karamojong youth. It will take time and investment to achieve but we are committed to the plan.


We are now working with artist Henry Nandaba to develop an open studio for young artists in Mbale. We supported Henry through his studies, and he achieved a First Class Honours in Education and Art in 2019. Jon, the founder of Trio, is a sculptor. Together, they have plans to put Mbale on the art map!

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