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Nauyo Community Action

NCA serves Nauyo slum in Mbale. Partnership projects include child protection, gender rights, nutrition, health, elderly support and outreach to families impacted by HIV/AIDS and disability. The new Strong Foundation project supports families that can't afford school fees. Future partnership plans include a community clinic. Chair: Mr Charles Wakimwayi

Youth for a Covenant Vision

YCV advocates for street youth and marginalised young people in Namatala slum, Mbale. The majority of users are Karamojong, one of Uganda's most disenfranchised people. Partnership projects include nutrition and health, sexual education, a creche, school and college bursaries, skills training, creative activities and sport. Income generation initiatives include events management, music and photography. Director: Moses Lobong

Busiliwa Faith Junior School

Built by the community on donated land, the school also cares for children orphaned by recent flood and landslide disasters in Bududa District. Partnership projects include nutrition, health, orphan support, school refurbishment and Women of Hope, an agriculture and savings group. Future plans include a school farm to increase food security, generate income and provide agricultural training. Director: David Kuloba

African Rural Development Initiative

ARDI is based in Manafwa District, close to the Kenyan border. It works to increase household income, safeguard the young, elderly and disabled, and deliver HIV/AIDS health education. Solidarity groups campaign against early pregnancy and support young mothers through tailoring and goat projects. ARDI was founded in 1999 but remains chronically under-funded. We are working to secure income to fulfill its community plans. Director: Joseph Weyusya

Namabasa Alive Empowerment Project

NAEP's goal is to develop sustainable micro agriculture in Namabasa, Mbale. It works to build cooperative action, grow foodstuffs for consumption, produce surplus for local sale and increase savings. Funding for NAEP is a priority for the coming year. We are currently seeking support for a new passion fruit project. Chair: Pius John Opolot.

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